White Pizza Recipe

A white pizza that is known as the Bianca pizza in Italy is very famous in the United States and a delicacy to very many. This has made many people to request for the white pizza recipe, which is now a real delicacy in America. Along the east coast, there is a white pizza recipe that is interesting and liked by very many people. This recipe includes the mozzarella and ricotta that is topped on the pizza that has also been drizzled with olive oil. This does not end there for this white pizza recipe, for there is also some fresh basil and garlic that are used to garnish it thereby adding more flavor.

In Rome, this type of white pizza recipe can include olive oil and some salt topped bread, some of the things that may also be present include some rosemary leaves that are used for decorations. Apart from this type of white pizza, there are many types of white pizza recipes that we can learn about and make some great delicacies from them. This recipe includes a couple of cheeses that are added to the white plain pizza. This does not end there, for you can also include chicken, fish or seafood to this white pizza recipe. If you are not satisfied with this, then you can also include some lemon and garlic on this white pizza recipe.

One of the most common white pizza recipe that is becoming a delicacy for very many people is the white pizza with lemon and shrimp. This delicious gourmet pizza features some white wine, lemon juice, as well as some garlic, shrimp and some chili pepper flakes. If you are looking for some unforgettable epicurean experience then you have got to have a taste of this pizza. Some of the ingredients are optional; therefore, you can omit them if you really do not like some of them.

You can make this pizza for your family using your own Californo oven; therefore, you do not have to go to a hotel to have it. When you are done with taking your pizza, you may want a beverage that will help you take in your pizza. There were times when beer was used as a beverage choice for many people that were having pizza. This has now come to pass, because wine has overtaken beers to become the favorite beverage to be taken.

If you love wine, then you will notice that it goes very well with a pizza. However, you should also know that not all wines go along with all pizzas. This is because different types of wines go along with different types of pizzas; therefore, you need to decide the type of pizza that you like. You should know that no one wine can suit all types of pizzas and that is why you need to have different wines. When you have you different wines, then it can be easy for you to enjoy your pizza. However, if you do not like wine you can also get other beverages that you can take with your wine.